• Prescribe research supported rehabilitation protocols
  • Upload your own exercises and photos
  • Specialist Musculoskeletal exercise database
  • Sends a web-link to access Injury Profile from your email address
  • The only community of Health professional's helping to rehabilitate your clients
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Extensive library of
rehabilitation exercises
& injury profiles

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MyPhysioRehab allows you as a health professional to provide your patients with an injury profile and a rehabilitation programme to aid rapid recovery

  • Our Search allows to you to select the injury and exercises quickly
  • Update exercises in real time online
  • Video demonstrations of exercises for your clients
  • Patients can download template to any device - a physio in your pocket!
  • 'Suggestions' gives you the most popular exercises for a particular condition
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“Finally a simple way to get to exercises quickly without having to dig through lots of outdated and inappropriate ones”

Joanne Brown
West End Physiotherapy

“I can download my exercise programme direct to my iphone, which ensures i can never ‘forget’ to do my exercises”

Andy Horn

“MyPhysioRehab saves me time as it has combined injury advice and exercise prescription in 1 easy to use package”

Jocelyn Harris
Roodlane Medical Group

“Rehabilitation protocols are a great way of refining your exercise search. I was able to give all the exercises for groin pain without having to change my search criteria”

Jocelyn Harris
Roodlane Medical Group

“I like having online access to my programme. I save it straight to my phone and take it to the gym
with me”

Mark Heldman

“Wow! Clearest thing I’ve ever had from a medical professional”

Andrew Wood

“So simple to use… patients love the pictures and having their programme online”

Alex Long
Alpha Physiotherapy

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