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My Physio Rehab exercise prescription handouts

  • Skype integration so you can perform remote consultations with ease.
  • No need to search through 1000s of redundant, never used exercise libraries looking for what’s important. MPR takes a holistic approach to injury lead, evidence based practise that works....FAST!
  • Our Search allows to you to select the injury and exercises quickly. Specialist Musculoskeletal exercise database!
  • 'Suggestions' gives you the most popular exercises for a particular condition. The power of the MPR community.
  • Update exercises in real time online. Upload your own exercises and photos with ease.
  • Video demonstrations of exercises for your clients
  • Send encrypted web-link to your clients for access to their Rehab Plans. No mobile App. required.
  • Clients can view or download their plan on any device - a physio in their pocket! The can also comment on their plans with realtime Therapist notification.
Extensive library of rehabilitation exercises & injury profiles
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At MyPhysioRehab we know that time is tight between consultations. That's why MyPhysioRehab allows you to quickly select the exercises you want. If you have a common condition, you can see all the exercises in a specific rehabilitation protocol. There is no need for printing the exercise sheet. MyPhysioRehab will email the client a Web-Link to their online programme.

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“Rehabilitation protocols are a great way of refining your exercise search. I was able to give all the exercises for groin pain without having to change my search criteria”

Zoe Jessop - Oxford Circus Physiotherapy

“I like having online access to my programme. I save it straight to my phone and take it to the gym with me”

Mark Heldman - Patient

"Its so fast to use! It's great having exercises suggested to you. It means you don't have to keep searching for the exercises, they come to you!"

Jocelyn Harris- Portland Physiotherapy

"It's great to have my exercises emailed to me. I can watch movies of the exercises, no more stick men..."

Tara Proctor- Patient